Castory – a pioneer in visual site management now available as a service. Brought by 36Spares


Greetings from 36Spares. 

We have partnered with Castory  – a worldwide pioneer in visual site management software to bring a special service to our customers in India. Please check our presentation in detail here .

How Castory helps?

The Challenge:

Managing a job-site is a huge challenge. One has to physically check every work task. Apart from being physically hard, reporting, managing and auditing a snag at site becomes very difficult. And we have not spoken about the travel costs involved with sites in multiple locations. It is estimated that reporting and management of snags at sites increases the project cost by up to 8%. 

The Solution:

Now 36Spares has partnered with Castory, an Israeli startup, to help you report, manage and audit the site faults with ease. Using a 360 degree camera, we create Google street view of your entire site from time to time, so that you can check a site’s progress and manage site snags from the comfort of your work desk. You can manage multiple job sites  at once without physically visiting the site.

How it will work:

Now Castory is available as a service where we undertake everything. Once your site is ready to handover (or anytime when you want to document it), you can call us and our personnel will reach your site with the camera. We will scan the entire job-site and create a login for you to check the scanned job-site from your computer. Once logged in, you can check for any snags and flag it on the images itself and then monitor the progress of the snags also. The scanned jobsite images remain with you forever. This can be a good visual proof of the as-is condition of the job-site when you hand it over or when you want to audit it.

Please check our presentation in detail by clicking here  .

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